10 Reasons to Offer Our Packaged Coffee

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  1. Beautiful, Compostable Packaging
    Well, just look at it!  Yep, it really is compostable.
  2. A True Conservation Story
    Enhance your “green” image and give your customers an easy way to help save the songbirds they love to see in their backyards and parks. Sun coffee eradicates their wintering habitat, certified Bird Friendly coffee preserves and restores it. This is the most environmentally friendly coffee in the world.
  3. The coffee is “Triple-Certified”
    Certified Organic, Certified Bird Friendly and Certified Fair Trade. These certifications mean the coffee is good for people, good for the environment and good for biodiversity. They are verified by third parties — your best defense to greenwashing.
  4. The coffee tastes great! 
    These are the highest grade beans available and Birds and Beans has developed a reputation for being one of the best boutique roasters in the country.
  5. People Want to Buy It
    When we talk to people about the coffee, the first question they ask is “where can I buy it?” They want buy it close to home. We want to send them to you.
  6. SMBC Listing
    We will list you in the SMBC “where to buy” listing.
  7. SMBC and Birds and Beans Marketing
    You will benefit from both traditional and social media campaigns by Birds and Beans and SMBC. We are working closely with SMBC to raise the profile of Certified Bird Friendly coffee and this will result in customers looking to buy.
  8. Unique Offering
    This is not the same coffee that can be bought in all of your competitors and so you can develop loyal repeat customers.
  9. Great Service 
    Birds and Beans offers excellent customer service and fast order fulfillment.
  10. A Canadian Company
    Birds and Beans is a Canadian family owned business based in Etobicoke ON.

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  • Capacity 2 Customers
  • Sanitize hands on entry
  • Maintain 2m distance from others
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