2019 Christmas Coffee: Snow Bunting

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This year our Christmas Coffee features a Snow Bunting.  Isn’t it beautiful?  Like all of our new packages it is original art drawn by the talented Rachael Riordon of Lucky Bones Studio.

Some of you may know that the Snow Bunting breeds in the Arctic and joins us for the winter.  So it is a migratory bird, but unlike the other migratory birds we have on our packaging, it does not winter on Bird Friendly coffee farms.

Nevertheless, Bird Friendly coffee growing methods are meaningful to the future of the Snow Bunting too.  The connection is climate disruption.  

It is well established that the Arctic is warming at a rate 2 to 3 times faster than other parts of the globe.  This does not bode well for Arctic species.  The Snow Bunting co-evolved in arctic ecosystems over millennia and exploits the positives, like the midnight sun, while its downy feathers protect its nestlings from the cold.  It may seem harsh to us, but for the Snow Bunting it is home.

How, then, does Bird Friendly certified coffee help the Snow Bunting?  Bird Friendly cultivation mitigates climate change.  It preserves forests and is regenerative in nature.  It uses no petroleum based agro-chemicals and is generally a people powered endeavor.

So while the Snow Bunting is not what we call a “coffee bird” (a bird that lives in the coffee’s agro-forest) there remains a connection.  The connections are like a web linking the coffee you love with your support for the growers of Bird Friendly coffee. And their biodiverse agro-forests provide refuge for our migratory songbirds.  And the climate mitigation feeds back to the Arctic and brightens the future of the Arctic breeding Snow Bunting.  And the connections circle back to us again as we are visited by the bird on our Christmas Blend while we sip it.

I find the intricate beauty exquisite.

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