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We want to share with you the amazing taste experience of pre-industrial coffee.

Through the industrialization of our food supplies, we have lost the simple pleasures of exquisite taste. Flavour and quality are routinely sacrificed for shelf life and transportability and sustainable growing practices for profit. In the case of coffee we say “No Thanks!”

We take an entirely different approach from the conventional coffee industry. We pursue the best tasting coffee sustainably produced. In that pursuit, we have found through our own tasting program that:

Coffee should be brewed within 4-6 weeks after roasting. The industry standard shelf life is 1 year!

Like wine, the flavour profile is unique within each crop of boutique coffee.

The best roast for a boutique coffee, the one that reveals the best flavours during its first 4 weeks after roasting, is never charcoal and is often quite light.

We admire the experience, the traditional knowledge and hard work of our growers that result in the extraordinary quality of our beans. Our long term, mutually respectful relationships with them are the basis of our product. We feel our connection with them in each cup of our shade grown coffee and with the songs of our migratory birds.

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