Our Mission at Birds and Beans is to use coffee, in all its capacities, to improve life on earth in the small ways we can. We choose to invest ourselves into the quality of our coffee, and into supporting our heroic growers who are the defenders of forest habitat in Latin America.  We appreciate the simple pleasures of a delicious cup of Bird Friendly® coffee while discussing it’s very contribution to the diversity of life on earth. “In a world of cynicism and doubt, we do better.”™

A richer taste, a richer earth.®

Enjoy the simple pleasures of exceptional coffee

Grown in natural forest

Expertly roasted to reveal hidden flavours

Strength without bitterness, Mellow without weakness

DavidMadeleine, and the crew at Birds and Beans

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Madeleine is co-owner and co-founder of Birds and Beans Inc. Her main interest is to face our collective impact on lives around us, human and non-human, and then to make conscious personal choices. For Madeleine, coffee is about: simple pleasures, sustainability issues, local community, global supply chains, quality, science, art, social justice, and pretty much everything else with a few degrees of separation. She has a degree in applied mathematics/physics (special honours, with distinction) and before founding Birds and Beans, was a consultant in information technology for 20 years specializing in object oriented modeling.
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