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New Online Shop

Our beautiful new packaging calls for a new online shopping experience!   The new shop is prettier, more intuitive, and has great new features.

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Try our Coffee of the Month subscription and get both convenience and variety delivered right to your door!  Each month we send a different coffee from our signature line. It’s simple, just select size, quantity and subscription plan and checkout. 

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Our Human-Readable Promise

unsplash-logoIan Schneider I tried to read our legalese Terms and Conditions and wow!  So I decided to write this to try and help us understand each other.   We believe we have an excellent product at a fair price.  We built

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Closure to attend Climate Strike Toronto

As an expression of our sense of urgency for climate action, Birds and Beans will be closed between 10am and 3pm on September 27, 2019 to enable us to attend the Toronto Global Climate Strike. We stand and clearly say

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Now Serving Morning People Earlier

New Opening Hours Starting this Weekend  Starting on Saturday August 17, 2019 we will be ready to serve you at 6:30 AM Weekdays  7:00 AM Weekends  Grab a bird friendly coffee to go, or linger with an organic latté.  Maybe

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Grab and Go Wraps – Conscious Food!

Grab and Go Wraps are now available. And like all our offerings they are GMO free, Palm Oil Free, Cruelty Free, mostly Organic. They are hardy and delicious. And ready for you to grab in the fridge!

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Musing on Coffee Tasting part 2

Resting Coffee Period Did you know that coffee needs to rest for at least a day after roasting before its flavours fully emerge?  Like red wine needs to breath after opening, coffee needs to rest for  Tasting is very, very

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Cool Creek Artisanal Honey

Birds and Beans Café is excited to present our latest offering: Cool Creek Apiaries Honey in a 500 gram jar. We’ve been using Cool Creek Apiaries’ unpasteurized, pure and unfiltered bulk honey in our breakfast cookies for years. It is

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Our Values

Our Mission at Birds and Beans is to use coffee, in all its capacities, to improve life on earth in the small ways we can. We choose to invest ourselves into the quality of our coffee, and into supporting our heroic growers who are the defenders of forest habitat in Latin America. We appreciate the simple pleasures of a delicious cup of Bird Friendly® coffee while discussing it’s very contribution to the diversity of life on earth. In a world of cynicism and doubt, we do better.

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Reflecting on 5 Years being Palm Oil Free

Warning!  These images reflect the consequences of our blind consumerism.  Whether you join us or not, we are not buying anything with palm oil. Because we are not going to feed the monster. Single organgutan in the last tree standing after deforestation for palm

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GMO Free Eats

At Birds and Beans, it is our pleasure and our aspiration to harness all of our resources and efforts to do better.  And for us, better means in alignment with our core values: quality of life, sustainability, richness of experience, and

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I Witness

(Warning…This poem is not for the faint of heart.) the horror runs through my arms and legs the ache fills my heart the reality fills my mind the finality pulls my gut as the mass extinction ticks onward largely unacknowledged

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New Packaging Shipping


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