Breakfast Blend

Blended from our specially sourced Bird Friendly® coffees, this strictly hard bean arabica coffee is grown at high altitudes above 4000 feet. Several arabica varietals such Bourbon, Mondonovo, Caturra and Typica are represented. Because the beans are grown in rustic shade that mimics virgin rainforest, they develop naturally and present the best flavour while also functioning as a biodiverse ecosystem.

The multi-tiered “agro-forest” contains more than 50 species of trees that provide food and shelter for a huge variety of migratory birds and other wildlife while also sequestering carbon.

This is a mild morning coffee that is smooth and balanced with a lovely sweet aftertaste. It has lovely baking spices like toasty vanilla and nutmeg.  Great to pair with crepes.  An excellent Bird Friendly® choice for medium coffee fans.

Brew this 3/4 strength for best effect.

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