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Musing on Coffee Tasting part 2

Resting Coffee Period Did you know that coffee needs to rest for at least a day after roasting before its flavours fully emerge?  Like red wine needs to breath after opening, coffee needs to rest for  Tasting is very, very

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Our Coffee

We want to share with you the amazing taste experience of pre-industrial coffee. While others sacrifice flavour and quality for shelf life and transportability, we take an entirely different approach.  We pursue the best tasting coffee. The most flavourful coffee

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Wholesale Ordering Guidelines

We give all of our customers the Royal Treatment!  For you to benefit from our amazing service, here is the way we work: We roast and package to order.  Your coffee is not sitting on our shelf staling while we

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How Much Coffee Should I Use?

We are often asked how much coffee to use to brew the perfect cup. Well, the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) provides expert advice on all things coffee and the brewing ratio they suggest is 55g of coffee for

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10 Reasons to Choose Our Brew

Pouring espresso Receiving a Shipment Thanksgiving latté art. Always thankful, always giving. Exquisite TasteTaste it yourself to  see what we mean!  Check our coffee listing.  There is something to suit any flavour preference. Freshness GuaranteeBirds and Beans was the first roaster

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10 Reasons to Offer Our Packaged Coffee

A True Conservation StoryEnhance your “green” image and give your customers an easy way to help save the songbirds they love to see in their backyards and parks. Sun coffee eradicates their wintering habitat, certified Bird Friendly coffee preserves and restores

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Boutique Coffee

A richer taste. Boutique coffee tastes amazing! It is like fine wine. When everything is right, boutique coffees can have natural flavours like chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, sweetness and even floral and citrus. These flavours are innate in high quality beans.

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