Our Certifications

At Birds and Beans we strongly believe in third party certification. Trust and Verify. We trust our growers and our importers based on our shared support of certification programs and their willingness to be verified. We earn your trust through our certification and our willingness to be verified. It is the chain of verified trust that ensures the people and the environment are protected. Be part of the chain: Look for the certification seals.

All of our coffees are certified organic by Ecocert Canada. See our current organic certificate.
bird_friendly_coffee We are licensed with the Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center to offer our Certified Bird Friendly® coffees. See our up to date listing on the SMBC website here.
logo_fairtrade We are licensed with Fair Trade USA to offer our Certified Fair Trade coffees. See our up to date listing on the Fair Trade website here.
ra_sm We are licensed with the Rainforest Alliance to offer our Rainforest Alliance certified coffees. See our up to date listing in all 3 columns on the Rainforest Alliance website here.