Colombia Condor

This coffee is grown in microclimates on Colombia’s highest snow peaked mountain Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta at altitudes between 4500 and 5500 ft. This mountain range is located at the northern edge of Colombia bordering the Caribbean Ocean and extended 300 miles into the plains. The certified Bird Friendly habitat provides habitat to our migratory songbirds and various wildlife prospers. The coffee is a mix of specialty grade Typica and Caturra cultivated by Arhuaco and Kogul tribes. Their isolation has resulted in preserving the precolonial agricultural practices: they have never exposed their lands to agrochemicals.

This is a lovely, mild coffee with a toasty coconut aroma. It is clean, bright and somewhat spicy, with a light, slightly sweet, finish. The nutty flavour is offset with plummy fruit.

Brew this 3/4 strength for best effect.

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