Commit, an espresso blend

This wonderful coffee is blended from single origin, strictly hard bean, high altitude coffees. Each is roasted individually to bring out the best in each bean, then blended to enhance and balance the characteristics of each for a phenomenal espresso.

Each origin is certified Organic, certified Fair Trade and certified Bird Friendly®. The Bird Friendly certification ensures that the coffee is grown in the traditional manner in rustic shade, conditions similar to those in which coffee evolved. It requires extra care and hand picking, all of which contributes to its high quality. As in so many food items, traditional cultivation results in better taste! And because it is Bird Friendly, drinking an espresso a day supports 1750 sq ft of certified biodiversity! 

It is rich and balanced, with good body. It has dominant brown sugar and chocolate with nutty sweet toffee. It has a solid earthy base with lots of interesting harmonious notes like baking spices, blueberry, plum.  The chocolate shifts from milk chocolate in the drip coffee to dark chocolate in espresso.  And did I mention the rosy aroma of the Americano’s crema?  Oh yum! Want some?

Try this espresso alone, in a latte, as an Americano, or even as brewed coffee. Take the time to brew it right, sit quietly, and really taste it. Commit. 

Prepare as espresso or brew  full strength for best effect.

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