Decaf Honduras Howler Monkey

We are delighted to offer the first DECAF certified Bird Friendly® coffee from Honduras! It is grown at 1100-1800 meters by a coopertive of 100 small growers. Their crop contains bourbon, tipica, catuai, varietals as well as the less common icatu, pacamara and cafe-90 varietals.

Having experienced the disappointing ecconomic and eccological impact of conventional growing through the 90’s, these brave and growers decided to make change. They faced many challenges, but persevered becoming first organic and fair trade certified, and now also Bird Friendly. They relearned the old ways and supplemented them with innovative organic techniques.

This is a wonderful bold coffee with dominant chocolate notes. It is full and smooth with a long deep sweetness. It has a deep fruit middle with raisin and pecan. There is an enduring aftertaste with chocolate and mint.

All of our decaf coffees are decaffeinated using a chemical free water decaffeination process.

Brew this full strength for best effect.

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