Guatemala Jacaltenango

This wonderful coffee is certified Organic, certified Fair Trade and certified Bird Friendly®. Drinking as little as one cup a day supports 1250 sq ft of certified Bird Friendly biodiversity!

The coffee is grown under lush shade canopies that reduce erosion while creating a natural habitat for native and migratory bird species. This area had been deforested but is now, 40 years later, a wonderful example of the regenertion of habitat possible by returning to traditional coffee growing techniques.

Altitude: 3250-5250 feet
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai
Processing Method: Washed
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Species: Arabica
Harvest: December-March

This coffee is wonderfully rich, with notes of chocolate and a lovely long finish. It has an aroma of almond, with tantalizing hints of mandarine orange.

Brew this full strength for best effect.

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