Guatemala Jaceltenango

We’re delighted to offer our new crop of this triple certified coffee for our second year. This wonderful coffee is certified Organic, certified Fair Trade and certified Bird Friendly®. Drinking as little as one cup a day supports 1250 sq ft of certified Bird Friendly biodiversity!

The coffee is grown under lush shade canopies that reduce erosion while creating a natural habitat for native and migratory bird species. This area had been deforested but is now, 40 years later, a wonderful example of the regenertion of habitat possible by returning to traditional coffee growing techniques.

Altitude: 3250-5250 feet
Variety: Typica, Bourbon, Caturra and Catuai
Processing Method: Washed
Grade: Strictly Hard Bean
Species: Arabica
Harvest: December-March

This coffee is wonderfully rich, with notes of chocolate and a lovely long finish. It has an aroma of almond, with tantalizing hints of mandarine orange.

Brew this full strength for best effect.

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