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We are excited to announce the coming of our refreshed packaging Mid-November!  

Beautiful. Compostable. Practical.

Our redesigned bags are beautiful!  They feature original art by Rachel Riordon.  

The bags are certified backyard compostable while offering all the practical benefits of conventional multi-layer film packaging.  The package is resilient to handling, water damage, and shipping damage.  And we have eliminated the  awkward plastic coated tin tie in favour of easy to use re-closable tape.

And they are locally produced and locally printed with compostable inks!

While redesigning the packaging, we took the opportunity to reorganize our signature line of coffees.  Don’t worry!  Your favourite coffee is still here.

Our four main coffees now feature names.  After all, all of our coffees are certified Bird Friendly, so what did Bird Friendly Dark Blend really mean?  

We merged the packaging of Commit with the Bird Friendly Espresso because they are now the same coffee and have been since we launched Commit.

We have ensured that the 

  • hummingbird still indicates the bird friendly dark blend now called Shadow
  • the oriole still indicates the medium blend now called Balance
  • the yellowthroat still indicates the espresso blend now called Commit
  • the rose-breasted grosbeak still indicates the decaf blend now called Dream

Bold coffees have a dark band

Special editions have a  burnt orange band

Mild and Medium coffees have a blue-green band

Decaf coffees have a yellow band

We hope you share our appreciation of this packaging improvement and the coffee inside.

Beautiful.  Compostable.  Practical.

7 thoughts on “New, Beautiful, Compostable Packaging

  1. Very beautiful & also earth friendly! Wow, well done!

  2. Thank you so much! Deep gratitude to Paul Riss from Round for his design work! And Rachel for the art.

  3. The new packaging looks beautiful, and I am so happy that it is compostable! I never knew whether the packaging was recyclable before, and it always pricked my conscience that it was going into landfill, so I am extremely pleased that I can safely compost it now 🙂

  4. All of our packaging has always been compostable! The packing peanuts too. I am so glad that it matters to you 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the implementation of these beautiful new designs for your packaging, and thanks for making everything compostable.

  6. Oh dear! ALL of your packaging is compostable!? I order the bulk coffee-is that bag compostable too? That would be FANTASTIC!

  7. Yes it is! All of our packaging is compostable. You can find the omnidegradable logo on the 5lb bag. Here a link to the bag manufacturer’s FAQ

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