New Canada Single Use Plastic Ban

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Goose Egg

What will change at our Espresso Bar as a result of the ban on single use plastics?

  • Nothing
  • Zero
  • Nada
  • Zilch
  • Big Fat Goose Egg!

We banned them before we even opened our doors!

Compostable Cup AND Lid and recyclable sleeve

Here’s another single use plastic we eliminated – the takeout coffee cup lid. Ours are made from compressed sugar cane fibres.  They’re biodegradable and back yard compostable. If your coffeeshop doesn’t use them, ask them why not?

Curating Items with Less Plastic

Last week, the Federal Government announced plans to ban plastic bags, straws, stir sticks, six-pack rings, cutlery, and hard-to-recycle take out containers starting sometime in 2022 (we think, but the timeline is vague).  

Great news! This is a good first step but a timid one, in our opinion. Why take so long and, more importantly, why not include more items? 

We use paper bags, paper straws, and compostable cutlery… and we always have. And we serve hot and cold drinks in compostable cups with compostable lids, we use compostable coffee bags, and offer no single serve fridge drinks in plastic bottles since 2012. Reduced plastic is one of 9 criteria for the items in our curated market.

In all the time we have been here (16 years at time of writing), the big chains, who will have the greatest environmental impact, have done nothing. 

Small socially and environmentally responsible companies are leading the charge on making business more sustainable. Just look around next time you visit one. You’ll see less plastic, more organic, fair trade products, and more locally sourced products.

At Birds & Beans, our goal is to continue to reduce and eliminate plastics from everything we do – no legislation required.

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  1. The bags are compostable in home composters or in commercial composting facilities. Don’t put them in the recycling bin because they will contaminate the stream.

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