Peru Norte

This coffee is grown in Northern Peru on small farms in the Cajamarca and Amazonas regions at 1800 meters above sea level and are 90% Typica varietal of Arabica, the balance being Bourbon and Caturra.

The farms are in remote areas where technification has not taken hold and where traditional growing techniques are being rewarded with organic and Bird Friendly® certifications. The farms belong to a cooperative that provides consulting and training to its member farmers. The cooperative also provides quality control ensuring that the training results in the cup.

This new crop is an interesting yet mild coffee. It is an aromatic bean that translates into the cup.  We found it dominantly is sweet and fruity.   It has tree fruit flavours, perhaps peach or pear that linger into the aftertaste. We love the wafting hints of pecan, chocolate and vanilla.

Brew this 3/4 strength for best effect.

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