Green (Unroasted) Ethiopia Guji

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A rich yet smooth coffee with a nice balance and sweet lingering aftertaste.

$13.50$125.00 or from $12.83$118.75 / month

Located in Ethiopia’s Oromia State, the Guji coffee region is adjacent to Yirgacheffe and Sidamo and offers similar yet distinct qualities.  It immediately presents a delicious balanced background with no particular dominant flavour, like the deep blue sky at dusk.  But soon innumerable delightful flavours emerge, like stars twinkling into visibility.  Notice that as the cup cools, fruit, exotic spice, brown sugar differentiate into strawberry, blackberry; mango, cardamom, turmeric, anise; sponge toffee, and milk chocolate.  Every cup seems a bit different depending on where we put our attention.  That solid background remains in the long aftertaste as a reminder of the interest that came before.

Varietals: Nekemte, Sidamo, Yirgacheffee, Limu, Harar, Jimma
Elevation: 1400-2200 meters

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