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The Importance of Equipment Cleanliness

You have ensured you have the best coffee, great equipment and trained baristas.  What could go wrong?

The importance of equipment cleanliness is often overlooked.  I have walked out of cafés after looking at a steam wand caked with milk solids or an espresso hopper covered in ancient coffee oils.  Poor cleanliness not only demonstrates a lack of hygienic standards, it actually impacts the flavours in the final product.

Removing coffee grounds and rinsing between each pour ensures consistency from one pour to the next.  Daily cleaning of the portafilter and group head ensures the flow of water  is consistently distributed and at constant correct pressure.   Allowing the screen to become blocked can result in less crema and in extreme cases, may require a technical service call.

Wiping down the milk wand with a clean damp cloth after each drink is necessary to prevent build up of bacteria in the milk solids.  Daily treatment of the both the milk wand and milk pitchers is needed as there are stubborn proteins in milk that persist on metal surfaces even after dishwashing.

Grinders too requires regular cleaning.  Allowing coffee grounds to build up in the grinder can result in inconsistent dosing, overheating and even blocking your grinder.  Over longer time spans without cleaning old grounds can transfer the bitter and rancid flavours that come with old stale coffee.

We offer Cafetto’s organic range of products to maintain your equipment.  They are OMRI™ Listed for organic use so you can use them confidently with our organic coffee.  And its super convenient to order them with your coffee order!