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If you are a cafe operator or manager with distinguished tastes and demanding expectations, we invite you to compare our values with yours. Many of our customers are in Toronto and Southern Ontario but we work with customers from all places in Canada.

We value the actual experience of coffee in the cup.  Over 15 years of roasting specialty coffee, we have developed and refined our precision roasting™ coffee profiles.  We focus on the flavours we actually taste in our mouths:  flavours like honey, chocolate, caramel, berry and citrus.  Flavours that you too can find in your cup. And so can your customers.  We can all experience the difference because the difference is real.

We value independence.  When the market climate called for “dark roasts” we did not follow.  It is easy to char the beans that result in a consistent burnt flavour, but that was an insult to our beautifully cultivated single origin beans.  

Similarly, when the market went “blond”, we did not follow.  It is easy to roast coffee to a defined temperature or colour, but we can taste the sour and undeveloped results in most blond coffees and we will not be convinced to follow.

We value knowledge… ours and yours. We offer our wholesale customers training in excellent coffee preparation and we will help you choose brewing equipment will do the job for you.

We value excellence in customer service.  We want your coffee offering to make us proud.  And we stand behind our product and our service to make sure the amazing coffee we roast makes it all the way to your customer’s cup.  

We value real sustainability.  This is not a marketing strategy for us.  It is our mission.  We exclusively offer Certified Organic, Certified Bird Friendly® Shade Grown fairly traded coffees.  These are the most sustainable coffees in the world.  We roast them with Bullfrog Power’s 100% green electricity and gas.  And we package them in compostable bags.  Sustainability is a consideration in every business decision we make.  And isn’t it interesting that the highest quality so frequently arises from the most sustainable production processes?

If you share our values, we would be pleased to serve you. 

A richer taste, a richer earth.®


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