Category: Social Responsibility

Closure to attend Climate Strike Toronto

As an expression of our sense of urgency for climate action, Birds and Beans will be closed between 10am and 3pm on September 27, 2019 to enable us to attend the Toronto Global Climate Strike. We stand and clearly say

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We are committed to our co-workers!

We are committed to a shared future with our co-workers.  Employees who demonstrate commitment and leverage to the team, and who are devoted to our values, are eligible to participate in a  generous employee ownership program.  This program is designed

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Birds and Beans Gives more than a Hill of Beans

In addition to supporting our suppliers who provide us with products and services that embody our values, we are also strongly motivated to support initiatives that
1) are aimed at preserving and restoring habitat for birds and other wildlife;
2) add value to our community and are conducted within the immediate vicinity of the café.

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Reflecting on 5 Years being Palm Oil Free

Warning!  These images reflect the consequences of our blind consumerism.  Whether you join us or not, we are not buying anything with palm oil. Because we are not going to feed the monster. Single organgutan in the last tree standing after deforestation for palm

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What is up with the Fair Trade logo?

You will notice a new Fair Trade logo on our website and packaging this month.  There have been some changes in the fair trade system this year, and, we are now licensed with a different certifier: Fair Trade USA.  Their

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People and Coffee

Coffee is a huge global industy. There is a lot of money in the coffee industry, but very little goes to the growers. The price of coffee is set by global commodity markets. The forces at work in these markets

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