A richer taste


Birds and Beans loves coffee!  We have spent 20 years perfecting our roasting technique and we never get tired of it!  Did you know that expertly roasted specialty  coffee has more delicious flavours than wine? We want to find them all.

Harnessing the art of coffee tasting with the science of profile-roasting, the result soars above the crowd.  

Strength without bitterness, Mellow without weakness.

~Birds and Beans

A richer earth

Birds and Beans exclusively offers coffees that have positive environmental and social impacts. We purchase our coffees from growers who protect forest habitat on their farms and are certified Organic and certified Bird Friendly® (Shade Grown).

Our coffees are direct trade and most are certified Fair Trade. They are are all purchased at fair trade prices plus an additional Bird Friendly premium.  The most meaningful way support these growers is to purchase their amazing tasting coffee!

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