Migratory Bird Day is different this year

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May is usually the time for Migratory Bird Festivals and events of various kinds.  The birds are arriving, but the festivals are not.  We hope you notice the birds as you take a stroll or look out your window.  Hearing their returning songs  can gladden our hearts.

Since we can’t be with you at the festivals, we thought we’d share a slide show of these phenomenal pics of our favourite “coffee birds” taken by friends during previous migrations. Thank you so much Vincent Falardeau and Matthew Studebaker!

You might also enjoy looking in on these virtual events offered by our conservation partners including:
Saturday May 9 – The Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center is having a Digital Event on its Facebook page. 
Toronto Bird Celebration is going online with a calendar of events.
Grab a cup of our Bird Friendly coffee and enjoy!

A Video Throwback to 2015 Featuring Birds and Beans

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