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* Offer applies to ground shipping to destinations within Canada. Canada Post Air Stations excluded.  See our full Shipping Policy.

$45 of Roasted Coffee and Your Order Ships Free!

Nobody likes to pay for shipping, so we offer Free Shipping to Canadian destinations* on orders containing at least $45 of Roasted Coffee
You can add any of our other products and they can tag along!  Check out our the fabulous loose leaf tea in pyramid bags from Genuine Tea,  and our growing list of accessories like unbleached coffee filters – these will also ship for Free when combined with at least $45 of roasted coffee.
So add those unbleached coffee filters or a box of Organic Elderberry Hibiscus tea for when you’ve had enough caffeine.  Their shipping is on us!

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  1. Thanks for your question. As you know, shipping is charged based on weight and distance. The issue with Green Coffee is that it is relatively heavy per $ and therefore costly to ship, especially as you get further away from our location. The cost is even higher these days due to the imposition of Fuel Surcharges by Canada Post that change weekly and this week are 39% which means that a shipment that used to cost $10 now costs $13.90. Canada Post now changes the fuel surcharge every week so it can be difficult to remain profitable as a small business.

    When we do the calculations, we would have to substantially raise the prices of the coffee to include the cost of the Free Shipping.

    If your order is over $65, we send a $10 coupon after we ship the order that you can use on a future order. We do not mark up the shipping cost – so you pay what we pay for shipping.

    We offer larger bags at significant discounts, so you can stock up of the coffees that you like and spread the shipping cost over a larger number of pounds. Our 12.5 lb bag is an exceptional value. The Green Coffees that we sell are the same current crop, specialty grade organic, Bird Friendly coffees that we use for our roasted coffee, so you will be happy your purchase.

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