When birds migrate home, so does Birds & Beans coffee.
Celebrate spring migration with Free Shipping on Roasted coffee* orders over $45.
And to make it even better, we’re extending the offer to all orders over $45 that contain at least 1 lb of Roasted Coffee.
For example:
An Aeropress + 1 lb of Roasted Coffee = Free Shipping
A 5 lb bag of green coffee + 1 lb of Roasted Coffee = Free Shipping

* Offer applies to ground shipping to destinations within Canada only. Canada Post Air Stations excluded.

4 thoughts on “Our Free Shipping Deal!

  1. Since this offer expired Dec 31, 2017, perhaps you should take this down?

  2. Hi Carolyn – actually we are still running the Free Shipping deal. I will update the blog post.

  3. tried to order, but it wouldn’t show the free shipping….

  4. Hi Petra. Thanks for your feedback! I see your abandoned order. It does not meet the minimum $45 roasted coffee threshold. I invite you to email [email protected] for personal assistance. Or call toll free at 866 332 4737 … Madeleine

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