The Messenger Blend

For our second Special Edition coffee - The Messenger Blend - we've partnered with The Messenger Documentary and Bird Studies Canada. When you purchase this coffee, you are not just helping to protect crucial Migratory Songbird Habitat in coffee growing countries but you will also be supporting the work of Bird Studies Canada. This organic coffee is only sourced from certified bird friendly coffee farms. It is small batch roasted in Toronto.

Birds and Beans will donate 10% of the sales from each bag sold to Bird Studies Canada to support its work.

This coffee is can be brewed regular or 3/4 strength. This is a lovely balanced coffee with flavours throughout the spectrum. It is a pretty coffee with milk chocolate on the nose, accented with a hint of flower. We found some lovely spice, perhaps cardamom or white pepper. Look for maple syrup as the cup cools.

Great For Nature
Great for Farmers
Great for You

Brew this 3/4 strength for best effect.

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