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Never Expires!

Electronic Gift cards are now available for this* online store!  

Choose our standard $50, $100 or $250 card or set it to any amount over $10.

Our gift cards are delivered electronically, are easy to redeem and never expire!  Your friend or loved one can order their favourite coffee will be shipped by parcel post to their door!

For your convenience, you can future date the email delivery.  So you can buy one today and have it sent by email on a special future date ✓.

You can prepare a personalized gift card email. It is a great presentation for the gift card recipient.  It is clear what it is and it is easy to use.

Choose a theme for the occasion and introduce your friends to great coffee that supports biodiverse forest ecosystems in Latin America!

The redeem button takes them to the shopping page.   And when they checkout, the gift card is already entered.  How easy is that?

And you know that if they have any questions we will be happy to help.

The gift card can be used incrementally until it is fully redeemed.

The balance can be checked at any time using this balance checker.  And the history is always available from the past orders menu item.

A gift card is a great way to introduce your friends and family to the coffee you love. 

* If you are looking for a gift card for the café, please visit them in person to purchase a physical gift card.

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