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Leave at Door - LAD

With all the people staying home and working from home, we’ve seen a big increase in the demand for online orders to be left at people’s doors. So, what’s the best way to accomplish this?

LAD  = Leave at Door 

When you check out, if you type the letters LAD at the beginning of the order comment, our system will check the “Leave at Door” option in our mailing software – no human intervention required. There is no room for being creative here – it has to be LAD and it must be the first word in the comment. You can add additional comments that you want us to see after the LAD.

From the tracking linkc click "select" under the delivery preferences
Select Deivery Preference
Select Delivery Location

Sometimes people request more specific placement such as “Place under the pink chair” or ” leave beside the blue flower pot” – we get it, these are safe places – but please understand our ability to get that message to the Postie delivering your order is limited. 

If your address is eligible, Canada Post does let you add some more specific instructions once we have sent you the tracking email – if you click the tracking link and then click on delivery options, you can choose from locations such as Front Door, Side Door, Garage or Front Desk. This option is only available for a limited time after we ship and is not available for all addresses.

Sometimes,  people put more specific instructions in their address if there is room – for example “123 Main St., Side Door”  Not sure if it works but it doesn’t hurt.

We can’t guarantee that these methods will work but we will say that we know that the Canada Post Letter Carriers will do their best. As front line workers, they have a difficult job, especially these days when they are dealing with pre-Christmas levels of parcels to deliver. We thank them for doing their part to deliver the items to us all that make staying at home possible.

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