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We are founded on sustainability. We believe that all companies are made of people (shareholders, managers, customers, suppliers) and people can act sustainably and should. Simple.

Our record on sustainability is unmatched. We challenge all individuals, organizations and companies, large and small, global and local to meet and surpass our sustainability record. We think about sustainability in every action we take and every role we play. 

Our Sustainable Offerings

We were the first company in Canada to offer certified Bird Friendly® coffee and the only roaster to offer it exclusively. Bird Friendly coffee provides certified wildlife habitat. 

We challenge all roasters to offer certified Bird Friendly coffee, all food service contractors to require certified Bird Friendly coffee, and all consumers to demand Bird Friendly coffee. If we all did, the future of our songbirds would be secured.

All of our Coffees are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

Almost all of our Coffees certified socially sustainable by  Fair Trade US.  In addition, all of our coffees are Direct Trade via our import partners.

In the cafe, we use Harmony Organic and Organic Meadow organic milk in our cafe. While this is a huge cost, it is the right thing to do… and the milk is fantastic!

We offer certified organic Soy Milk and GMO free Oat Milk and Coconut Milk as a no charge dairy free options.

We use 100% chocolate from  Vintage Plantations Bean to Bar Chocolate  as our chocolate topping option.  Wow!  What a treat!  No low quality unsustainable cocoa powder here!  

We use certified organic cage free eggs and are participants in the Chicken Out campaign.

We make our own eggless mayo to ensure it is cruelty free,  and GMO free.

We use Raincoast pole and line caught tuna… the most sustainable canned tuna graded by Greenpeace.

We use non-GMO verified soup provided by Sunflower Kitchen.

Our baking is 100% GMO free with mostly organic ingredients. We use many certified organic ingredients in our made from scratch baking.

We do not sell any product in a plastic bottle.  And we use no single use plastic: Our lids are made from 100% compostable sugar cane waste.  Most paper cups have a plastic lining but ours are 100% compostable.  Our clear cold cups and lids are not plastic either and are compostable.   Even our straws are compostable.  Oh, and so is our take out cutlery. 

We compost our coffee grounds onsite in our backyard composter and use the compost in our backyard garden pods.

We ensure no product sold or used at Birds and Beans contains Palm Oil.

Our Sustainable Community Initiatives

We sponsor all of CCFEW’s bird walks. Come out and see the actual birds we are helping!

We cultivate a native plant garden on our patio teaching others that native is beautiful!  We host a garden pod as part of the Humber College Community Pod Project

We welcome special events that help build our community.

We show the work of local photographer Vincent Falardeau who has captured the images of migratory songbirds in our neighbourhood! These are the birds we support by drinking certified Bird Friendly® coffee.

We work with small, local suppliers wherever possible.

We work to revitalize our community by supporting community events like the Annual Mimico Christmas Tree Lighting and the opening of the Mimico Square.

We work to revitalize Mimico and the Lakeshore by serving on the Board of Directors of the Mimico-By-The-Lake-BIA (Business Improvement Area) and the Lakeshore Joint BIA.

Our Sustainable Background Initiatives

We roast on our Loring Smartroast that is the cleanest and most energy efficient roaster on the market.  And we roast with bullfrog powered™ 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas.

We package all of our coffee in compostable bags.

We use compostable packaging peanuts in our shipping boxes. (If we receive conventional packing peanuts in a shipment we reuse them because we think they should be used at least twice in their 10,000 year product lifespan.)

We separate the trash every day at the cafe (our favourite task!) into recycle, compostable and garbage and we compost our coffee grounds onsite!

We repurposed church pews from a historical church and burned down for our seating. These pews were destined for use as scrap wood when we gave them a new life in their own neighbourhood with many of the same people sitting in them.

We work with Gus Design, a local furniture manufacturer who repurpose our empty coffee sacks into an Upcycle Ottoman and reuse our skids.

We use energy efficient LED lighting at the café and the roastery. They use less energy and produce less heat and so reduce cooling costs in the summer and we dispose of them safely.

We use a programmable thermostat that does not call for heating or cooling when not required. We set our summer thermostat to 25C and our winter thermostat to 20C … always comfortable for the seasonally dressed.

We do deliveries and pickups in our hybrid vehicle.

All of our appliances are energy star compliant and we are careful to use them wisely.

Our outdoor lights are on timers and motion sensors.

Our mission at Birds and Beans is to use coffee, in all its capacities, to improve life on earth in the small ways we can. We choose to invest ourselves into the quality of our coffee, and into supporting our heroic growers who are the defenders of forest habitat in Latin America.  We appreciate the simple pleasures of a delicious cup of Bird Friendly® coffee while discussing it’s very contribution to the diversity of life on earth. “In a world of cynicism and doubt, we do better.”™

A richer taste, a richer earth.®

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