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We are founded on sustainability. We believe that all companies are made of people (shareholders, managers, customers, suppliers) and people can act sustainably and should. Simple.

Our record on sustainability is unmatched. We challenge all individuals, organizations and companies, large and small, global and local to meet and surpass our sustainability record. We think about sustainability in every action we take and every role we play. 

Our Sustainable Offerings

We were the first company in Canada to offer certified Bird Friendly® coffee and the only roaster to offer it exclusively. Bird Friendly coffee provides certified wildlife habitat. 

We challenge all roasters to offer certified Bird Friendly coffee, all food service contractors to require certified Bird Friendly coffee, and all consumers to demand Bird Friendly coffee. If we all did, the future of our songbirds might be secured.

All of our Coffees are certified organic by Ecocert Canada.

Almost all of our Coffees certified socially sustainable by  Fair Trade Canada.  In addition, all of our coffees are Direct Trade via our import partners.

All our products are selected for quality and sustainability.  Like our Emma unbleached coffee filters.  We offer Genuine Tea not only because of their delicious blends, but because their pyamid bags are biodegradable. Even our promotional items have the highest sustainability standards!  Our fair trade bird ornaments not only depict our favourite coffee birds, but are hand carved in balsa wood… no plastic here!  And our Birds and Beans branded tote is made from organic cotton with vegetable based dyes.

Our Sustainable Background Initiatives

We roast on our Loring Smartroast that is the cleanest and most energy efficient roaster on the market.  And we roast with bullfrog powered™ 100% green electricity and 100% green natural gas.

We package all of our coffee in compostable bags.

We use compostable packaging peanuts in our shipping boxes. (If we receive conventional packing peanuts in a shipment, we reuse them because we think they should be used at least twice before becoming micro-plastics in the environment forever.)

We use energy efficient LED lighting. They use less energy and produce less heat and so reduce cooling costs in the summer. We dispose of them safely.

We use a programmable thermostat that is set high in the summer (25C) and low in the winter thermostat to (20C) … comfortable for the seasonally dressed.

Our outdoor lights are on timers and motion sensors.

A richer taste, a richer earth.®be

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