3 Billion Birds Gone

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Last month  Science published a paper co-authored by leading scientists with the astonishing finding that the U.S. and Canada have lost about 3 billion birds since 1970.    This comes on the heels of a stream of alarming reports on the state of global ecosystems.  Many of us find ourselves overwhelmed.  We are living and participating in human systems that are devouring our very life support systems.

We may recognize the urgency of the situation and we may be willing to make meaningful change, but there are so many problems!  What should we do? Where should we start? 

David and I believe we must start with meaningful and achievable habits.  Meaningful.  Achievable. Habits.

Shifting your coffee to Bird Friendly Certified shade coffee removes your support of destructive sun grown industrial coffee agriculture.  It throws your support behind small growers living within the agro-forests they tend. It promotes polyculture, biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and even mitigates climate change. And while the industrial global coffee supply chain may not miss you, the heroic growers of certified Bird Friendly coffee will definitely find your support meaningful.  

We established Birds and Beans in order to make choosing Bird Friendly coffee achievable.  We would be delighted to supply your independent cafe or grocer with our coffee.  Maybe suggest it to them.  But don’t wait for them to change! We also ship our coffee across Canada (see our post discussing the merit of online shopping for our Bird Friendly coffee).  Switching to Bird Friendly is Achievable.

For the meaningfulness of the change to amplify, take root and grow, it needs to become a new habit.  Old habits hold us.  They make us believe that we don’t have the capacity to do one more thing.  But, with an upfront effort, we can shift into new habits that then become effortless. Our Bird Friendly coffee subscription program can help you change your habit.

We established Birds and Beans in 2001 to connect the efforts of the growers with your willingness to help birds and forest ecosystems. We hope that together we can see our way through being shocked and  overwhelmed and take action. Purchase Bird Friendly Coffee.

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  1. Thank you for this reminder that our everyday actions matter and that we do have the power to change our habits. And a big thank you for doing the work you’re doing to conserve habitat and make this awesome coffee available to the public. This is the most delicious coffee, and it tastes extra good knowing it’s supporting critical habitat and local economies. I’m giving Birds & Beans coffee as a gift to many people on my list this year.

  2. Thanks, Anne. We couldn’t agree more that everyday actions matter. Our collective voices will be heard.

  3. This is amazing. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication to such an important issue. I just purchased my first order of coffee and I am so excited to try it and share it with my friends.

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