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Madeleine is co-owner and co-founder of Birds and Beans Inc. Her main interest is to face our collective impact on lives around us, human and non-human, and then to make conscious personal choices. For Madeleine, coffee is about: simple pleasures, sustainability issues, local community, global supply chains, quality, science, art, social justice, and pretty much everything else with a few degrees of separation. She has a degree in applied mathematics/physics (special honours, with distinction) and before founding Birds and Beans, was a consultant in information technology for 20 years specializing in object oriented modeling.
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What is Specialty Coffee?

At its best, specialty coffee can exhibit more flavour molecules than wine! Flavours of fruit, chocolate, nuts, caramel, spices, flower and more can be found

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New Online Shop

Our beautiful new packaging calls for a new online shopping experience!   The new shop is prettier, more intuitive, and has great new features.

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Try our Coffee of the Month subscription and get both convenience and variety delivered right to your door!  Each month we send a different coffee

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